FOTA, Sweden

FoTA is a politically and religiously free, non-profit and non-governmental organisation founded in Sweden in June 2013. Our main goal is to empower young people in Scandinavia and Balkans through strengthening and increasing cooperation between these two regions. We work with encouraging youth in the Balkans and Scandinavia to come up with their own initiatives, and we give an overall support to their trans-regional as well as local project ideas.

Our mission is to be a bridge between youngsters coming from these two seemingly remote regions; a bridge for idea exchanges that would lead to projects tackling especially social issues, for co-learning and co-creating, but also an actual “physical bridge”. We want to give the youngsters a possibility to visit each other´s country, and learn the most by breaking stereotypes and learning from each other. We believe that young people from these two geographic regions have a lot to learn and give to each other, regarding their rich cultural background and various life experience.