Sister City Youth Exchange – Iowa and Kosovo

The intention of this program is to provide a platform to youth in the sister city communities to learn skills that will help them in their future. Sister cities are cities that are linked to each other for multipurpose cultural exchange. High school youth from sister cities in Iowa and Kosovo meet throughout the year to learn about global citizenship and participate in service learning projects. These meetings culminate in an international experience where participants get to visit new places, meet international students, and use the skills they have gained throughout the year.

This year, 8 Kosovar students from Peja and Gjakova, as well as 8 Iowa students from Ft. Dodge and Johnston met once a month for 5 months to increase their awareness of different cultures and learn about being a global citizen. All 16 students participated in TOKA’s International camp this summer where they completed a service learning project together. The Kosovar students took on the role of ambassadors, and showed the Iowans around their respective sister cities.

We are excited to see what next year brings for these sister city communities!