All-day Schooling

TOKA, with the support of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF), and the Municipality of Prishtina, successfully implemented the All-Day Schooling Pilot Project at three different elementary schools in Prishtina (Model School, Faik Konica, and Afrim Gashi).

As part of this Pilot Project, TOKA organized experiential learning activities for 521 students in a 14 – week period. Using these three schools as a pilot, the municipality lengthened the school day from the traditional half-day, to a full eight hours by providing supplemental education activities. TOKA’s programming focused on four modules:

- Critical thinking and teamwork,
- Arts and culture,
- Natural sciences, and
- Outdoor education.

During the pilot project, students participated in teambuilding activities like “The Great Egg Drop,” they had the opportunity to make short movies, learn traditional songs, and play some exploratory outdoor games.

Furthermore, TOKA conducted the natural sciences and outdoor education modules in Gërmia Park, where the students learned about animal habitats, the effects of pollution on the environment, as well as how to use a compass. The outdoor environment expanded the range of program options and made the students’ learning more experiential and tangible.

The results of a survey conducted by TOKA revealed that The All-Day Schooling Program had a 96% kids’ satisfaction rate. 

Donika Xhemajli, one of the school coordinators, said, “TOKAs program presence from March was more than welcome for the students and the teachers. Students now through TOKA’s activities are developing different skills – through fun and games. These activities differ from the school program but aim similar results – that is why I think this is a very good opportunity for our students”.