Culture Camp

The Culture Camp is the final part of the "Culture for Young Changers" project, which started in March 2019 and was attended by about 500 Super Volunteers from all active clubs in Kosovo, who attended every cultural event offered by the main cultural institutions in the country such as the National Theater, the Ethnological and the National Museum, the Kosovo Philharmonic, the ABC Cinema.


The camp was attended by 30 Super Volunteers, who were trained to develop skills by working on four different cultural projects: Film, Song, Theater, and Photo Exhibition. These projects were in collaboration with experts from all these fields of art, such as Ilir Hasanaj, Jetmir Idrizi, Kaltrina Zeneli, and Fjolla Shaqiri.
Click the links below to watch the final projects:



Photography Exhibition


The “Culture for Changemakers” project is funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation Office in Kosovo.