Girl Power Up Online Camp

The "Girl Power Up" camp brought together 16 girls for 2 days from different cities in Kosovo who learned how to write a CV and how to prepare for a career.

"Once I almost made the first mistake by ignoring the offer to be part of TOKA training and I was not ready for a second mistake. Multiple experiences helped me grow as a character, my CV was acquired but most importantly I took with me the great love that the coaches with their work gave us. Among other things, Mr. Lavoni obviously with his advice, had a great impact.I learned how to accept criticism but above all, I had the opportunity to see examples that became idols for me. In my eyes, the organization TOKA is the best in Kosovo because today it taught me that doing the profession you love means not working for the rest of your life.;) Endless thanks for the work you do with so much love!" - Anita Basha, Sllapuzhan, Suhareka