Our Mission

TOKA’s mission is to accelerate social change in Kosovo by investing in its youth. TOKA’s special focus is on youth from disadvantaged communities, who struggle to reach their full potential due to their socio-economic, gender, or ethnic circumstances.

Our vision is 'Empowered Kosovar youth, who are the agents of positive change – today and tomorrow.' 

In order to fulfill its mission, TOKA, in partnership with its stakeholders:

- Researches the situation and trends regarding youth, education, and workforce context in Kosovo's and the region, as well as best practices worldwide;

- Develops and implements programs that help improve the skills, employability and the active citizenship of youth;

- Advocates for better policies and practices in education and youth development;

- Collaborates with central/local governments, local and regional stakeholders that have similar goals and objectives;

- Uses its expertise to develop commercially-priced services, the income from which it contributes to TOKA's long-term sustainability.

Empowered and skilled Kosovar youth, who are leaders of change tomorrow!