Service Learning is supported by the EU

The Service Learning Project will continue its implementation and dissemination in Kosovo in the next three years with the support of the European Union.

What is the Service Learning Programme?

The Service Learning Project is a methodology of learning through experience and services. This programme provides youth with an opportunity to develop new knowledge, values, and skills, such as critical thinking, communication, problem solution, social skills, decision making, leadership, and enhanced self-efficacy and awareness for active citizenship.

This program also exposes youth to concrete experiences by implementing Service Learning projects, making catalogs of the needs of their community, solving or minimizing the problems of their community, setting goals and objectives, managing project activities, raising funds, drafting budgets, and monitoring and evaluating projects.

In this program, youth are social agents of change, who take action to change the world around them!

This project is supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo, through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights EIDHR.