Heroes of Service Learning

TOKA has started implementing the Service Learning program since 2017. In this program, TOKA has included 1,500 youth aged 12-17 from more than 35 schools in 13 municipalities of Kosovo.

These youth are part of the volunteers’ clubs which are supported by TOKA. The clubs are led by teachers or civil society members over the age of 18, who were trained in the IMPACT methodology about learning through experience.

So, who are the Super-Teachers, Super-Mentors, and Super-Volunteers?



Are teachers in elementary or high schools

Are teachers in public or private schools

Are motivated and enthusiastic to offer attractive experiences for their pupils

Want to learn new and modern teaching methods



Are members of civil society over the age of 18 years, often students in the Faculty of Education, Psychology or Sociology

Want to work with youth

Want to contribute and to improve their communities

Want to obtain new skills in working with youth, project management or facilitation techniques



Are youth aged 12-17

Want to obtain new skills for life

Want to form new friendships

Want to be an active part of society and to improve their communities


An important part of Service Learning is the municipalities and businesses which support clubs in their various projects.

This project is supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo, through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights EIDHR.